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It was 1999. Yvette Pasco, stylist and owner of dress boutique in San Francisco realized many of her clients had the same concern: where does a woman find easy to wear, versatile pieces?

Seeing a lack of supply of a simple, yet casual pant in the market, Yvette took matters into her own hands and designed her very own pants, two pairs, to be exact. One regular long length pair, and the second a cropped-length. Drawing from the three aspects of any garment: fit, fabric, and fashion, The Perfect Pant™ was born.

Yvette carefully designed the pants with the woman–on–the–go in mind. For the busy mom. For the frequent traveler. For the fitness fanatic. For the everyday woman. For each and every woman seeking comfort and style all in one pair of pants. The pants are 91% polyester, and 9% spandex – making them a dream pair for any woman!

Taking into consideration that The Perfect Pant was designed to be a wardrobe staple and worn multiple times per month, Yvette crafted the pants to be as easy and hassle–free to care for and maintain. The pants require no dry cleaning, just easily kept by throwing into the washer and dryer. Just wash, dry, and wear again!

And, there’s more! The Perfect Pant is made in the USA! We care not only about comfort and style, but also about keeping our jobs here in America.

As Yvette introduced The Perfect Pant to her clients, more and more women began to not only order their pair, but also share their enthusiastic reviews of the pants. Soon enough, The Perfect Pant became a loved staple item and best–seller.

(Have a look at some of our wonderful fan reviews here.)

This is our story. And, we hope that The Perfect Pant will be a part of yours.


Perfectly Yours,

The Perfect Pant™


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