Happy 4th from The Perfect Pant

With barbecues, parades, and fireworks, the Fourth of July is undeniably a fun, lively and jam-packed day. With the versatile and comfortable Perfect Pant, you will be able to transition between all of the day’s festivities seamlessly.

As the 4th approaches, many of us will travel for the weekend to visit our families, the beach, or other events. Thanks to the polyester-spandex blend and clean lines, the Perfect Pant will not only be comfortable to travel in, but will also be the perfect transition piece for day to night. With a plain black, stretchy fabric, you can stay chic will still remaining comfortable, perfect for a woman on the go. From lounging around the deck to watching fireworks by the waterfront, the Perfect Pants can do it all under the sun. Just pair your favorite tops with the Full Length or Cropped Length pant and go!

On top of it all, the pants are also super easy care, so no worries if you encounter any messy ketchup or BBQ sauce mishaps - simply throw your pants in the washer and dryer and your pants (and outfit) will be good as new : ).

Regardless of what your plans for Independence Day are, you can count on the Perfect Pant for giving you the look and comfort you need to tackle it all.


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